"We wish to inform all patients we have now closed Glasgow Baby Scan Clinic and wish to thank all our patients for their kind support over the years.
If you have purchased a scan please email us for a refund, the nearest baby scan clinics are now in Manchester or London. If purchased via Groupon please contact hen directly for a refund."
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We scan a high number of female doctors for their routine pregnancy scans making the Baby Scan Clinic the No.1 choice for Doctors in London
Our scan services
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7 - 11 weeks

• Confirmed Pregnancy
• Calculates your EDD
• Checks for single or twin pregnancy
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Report for you to take away
• Mystery Gift when returning for 4D/HD Live scan

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Nuchal Translucency baby scan
11 - 13 weeks

• Contains 2 images
• Identifies pregnancy risks
• Report included

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Gender baby scan
14+ weeks

• See your baby in 4D on a large screen
• Checks your baby
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Preview of 4D scan
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Growth Scan
14 - 32 weeks

• Checks your baby
• All measurements recorded and checked
• Measurement report for you to take away
• 2 printed glossy images on the day
• Discount voucher for 4D scan
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Anomaly Scan
20 - 24 weeks

• Detailed analysis of anatomical structures.
• Checks specific risks at this stage of pregnancy.
• Placental position identified if possible.
• All findings and notes on a report for you to take away.
• 2 printed glossy images on the day.
• Discount voucher for 4D scan.
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3D Scan (non-diagnostic)
24 - 32 weeks

• 15 mins Appointment
• Two digital images
• CD rom included

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• 8 printed colour images
• DVD containing highlights of scan
• Gender determination (optional)
• Baby health check

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20 May 2016
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135 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JA

Our private baby scan clinic in Glasgow gives you the chance to get a glimpse of your baby before it’s born. We offer a variety of baby scans including: early pregnancy scan, gender scan, 3D baby scan, 4D baby scan and the latest technology—the HD scan.

Our most popular scan is the 4D scan,which is similar to a 3D baby scan except it’s a moving image. This premium scan shows a live image of your baby in three dimensions, along with real-time movement on a large TV screen. Seeing a 4D baby scan is a magical experience and many parents are keen to have one after the initial pregnancy scan on the NHS.

Baby Scan Clinic is located on 135 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JA.

We're proud to support UNICEF

At Harley Clinic we support children’s charity Unicef and are committed to raising funds to help them carry out their crucial work across the globe.
To find out more or to make a donation, please visit UNICEF DONATION.
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